Do you want more in your personal and professional life?

I work with people who are ready take the daring and brave steps to go after
their dreams and create the life they were meant to live.

I have achieved much success in helping my clients:

  • Identify their true passions and purpose.
  • Learn how to maximize their unique skills and abilities.
  • Live a purpose-driven life and find a more fulfilling career.
  • Identify the source of their fears and learn how to not let fear drive their actions.
  • Develop more authentic and meaningful relationships.
  • Recognize and eliminate negative thought patterns.
  • Create a more positive and empowering mindset.
  • Gain awareness, self-acceptance and confidence.
  • Be happier and feel a sustained sense of peace, joy and contentment.
  • Start living their life from a place of truth, power and authenticity.

What My Clients Say

Whether it’s about changing your career path, helping you reach personal or professional goals, Janet can help you realize the power you have in your life to make the changes. But you have to do the work, practice, and be consistent….and it’s ok if you fail…there is no failure, just lessons. Through Janet’s uncanny ability for asking the right questions, positive challenges, firm accountability, and honest feedback, combined with her listening skills, she picked out the important issues, and repeated them back to me. I had all the answers I just wasn’t able to find them myself or know how to put them into action.- Michelle
I have had the pleasure of working in the same department as Janet in a corporate business setting for the past 5+ years. Over that time, I have been able to witness her amazing talent, ability, and strength as a manager, leader, and coach. Over time through our working relationship, she and I became close, and she began to provide me some very valuable coaching as well. I have been thoroughly impressed by her demonstration of care and concern, intuition, and powerful questioning. She often helps me find my own path forward and provides great clarity for me in both my personal and professional life.- Ashley
Janet spoke with my team on how to improve our collaboration skills through the use of coaching techniques. Janet's engaging style and actionable tips were received well by the team, and I've personally become more mindful of my thought processes and word choices as a result. My only regret is that we did not set aside more time for Janet's coaching session. - Melodee
Janet has helped me to identify what is important and provided encouragement to pursue what I find fulfilling. She is highly perceptive having helped redirect my perspective as I was so concerned about what I “should” do versus what I wanted to do. This really helped me examine my life to identify my interests and what brings me personal happiness. Janet also stressed the importance of setting goals and deadlines to make things happen. With her coaching, I’ve learned to stay focused on my strengths, celebrate successes, and learn from mistakes. I am very fortunate to have the wise guidance and advice from Janet. - Joyce
I had the privilege of working for Janet back in 2008 through 2011. At the time I was struggling to find my stride and confidence in my career and life in general. Her coaching and feedback completely helped change my trajectory. I went from being a low performing employee to receiving awards and recognition for my work. Super grateful. - Airto