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About My Coaching Philosophy and What I Believe…

Where your attention goes – energy flows

Life can be very challenging. Some periods of our lives are more challenging than others – especially those times when you’re trying to make a shift, a breakthrough or when there are big changes happening in your life.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. You may be challenged beyond what you think you can handle. You ALWAYS have a choice on how you react and what you choose to focus on.

You can choose to focus on all that is wrong in your life and be a victim of your situation or you can accept the reality of the situation, while at the same time consciously taking action toward what you REALLY want.

One reaction is disempowering – believing you have no control.

The other reaction is EMPOWERING – understanding that, although your current circumstances may not be ideal, you have absolute power and control over YOUR OWN LIFE.

The difference in your perspective and reaction is the difference between feeling miserable and frustrated, or being happy and liberated.

The amazing thing is … YOU GET TO DECIDE.

Each and every one of us has a unique purpose in this world.

Your first purpose in life is YOU. Living your life with more joy and satisfaction is how you were MEANT to live. Some people may feel guilty about wanting or feeling joy. This is a wasted emotion. The more joy you feel, the more joy you are able to bring into the world.

When you own your life, express your true self, live with joy and share what you uniquely have to offer with the world – then you will be able to manifest a purposeful life. Living a life on purpose is incredibly rewarding.

The time is now to live the life of your dreams and it’s never too late to start.

It’s time to start living your best life. You are not too “old”, too busy, or too weighed down by your current life to go after what you REALLY want. In fact, there really is no BETTER time than now.

I believe that anything is possible – you just have to want it bad enough and be willing to work for it.

No matter what you are currently struggling with or what may have happened in the past, you have the power to create the life of your dreams.

Your past does not define you and it certainly doesn’t have to predict your future. We are all n life school – every day, learning the lessons that we need to learn. Every experience you have had holds a lesson. These combined experiences have molded you into the person you are.It’s time to use these experiences and the wisdom you have gained to pursue the life you really want to live.

The biggest obstacle to living the life you desire is your current mindset.

What we choose to tell ourselves often keeps us stuck. If you tell yourself that you can’t achieve something – you’re right. However if you start to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals – you’re absolutely right! You CAN !

The question that you need to ask yourself – are you letting your fears guide your decisions?

Like a self-fulling prophecy, the stories we tell ourselves, create the reality we live.

Start telling yourself a new story about how capable and deserving you truly are and that WILL be the life you live.

You have to take risks and be vulnerable to expand your life. There is no failure – only learning opportunities.

Growth and change isn’t always easy and sometimes it isn’t that fun. It can be uncomfortable and scary when you’re making big shifts in your life. The alternative, however, is living a life that may be safe and practical – and yet unfulfilling and sad. You know it’s not the life you were meant to live if it feels painful or if it is destructive.

It’s time to do what scares you and go beyond your comfort zone.

This is the place where fulfillment and joy reside. It is the place where you see just how strong and capable you really are. You will gain the confidence to do whatever you can dream up for yourself.

Perfectionism and fear will keep you stagnant and unhappy. Be willing to take the leap, to stumble and fall, and embrace the process of growing along the way.

Only you have the answers for what is right for you.

Others may have ideas of what you should do and how you should live your life, but the key to your happiness and fulfillment is connecting with who you really are, identifying what you want, and learning how to fully trust yourself.

Take a moment to answer these questions…

What matters to you most?
What do you deeply believe?
What are you willing to fight for in your life?
What’s stopping you or holding you back from living and experiencing the life you know you deserve?